Complex impact studies assisting the preparation of increasingly complex decisions have become indispensable for strategy development by policy-makers.

Our research-based consulting and policy studies cover the widest range of policy areas, including employment policy, innovation, public administration, local government, cultural policy, media policy and the media market, international economic development, educational policy, law enforcement and defence, social policies, social, youth and equal opportunity issues, information, telecommunication and environmental issues. Moreover, studies are also produced on specific policy issues, from urban development to the electoral system. Thematic public opinion polls based on
representative samples make it possible to measure social phenomena and reveal the social support of specific political measures. Legislation preparatory activities articulate specific regulatory proposals. Personal consulting takes place by presenting the results of analyses and formulating proposals. In addition to policy research, the Századvég Foundation is also conducting important sociology research projects, filling decade long gaps of research, to reveal the deep structures within the subsystems of Hungarian society.