The Századvég Foundation’s market and public opinion research division carries out and publishes the results of nearly 200 public opinion polls each year on a wide variety of social, political and economic issues.

The division’s activities fall into four distinct research groups: political opinion polls, sociology research, marketing and market research, and media research. The most outstanding field is perhaps that of political opinion polls, which includes not only party arena investigations most apparent in the media, but strategy and policy analysis as well. Sociology research is usually broad, and employs complex methodology, examining the perational mechanism of society. Research of this kind includes class structure analysis, youth research, culture research, and social economy analysis. The division also conducts classic marketing and market research activities, most requently specific image investigations, satisfaction investigations, market potential research, and research in connection to marketing communication. Typical media analysis includes the appearance research of an organization or a person, weighted with accessibility on certain sites or in the media as a whole. The Századvég Foundation works with a wide range of research methods, from conventional quantitative and qualitative tools to
modern and innovative techniques.