The Migration Research Institute launched its activity in September 2015, as a scientific center co-founded by the most remarkable think-tank of Hungary, the Századvég School of Politics Foundation and by the most successful education institute in talent-management, the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

We aim

  • to provide complex exploration of migration phenomena affecting our region, with a close eye on requirements of interdisciplinary analysis making;
  • to map the reasons behind migratory movements of all times and its consequences to Europe, including Hungary;
  • to contribute to enrichment of scientific achievements of migration research;
  • to publish professional opinions in a clear and understandable way together with due dissemination towards the society, and finally;
  • to establish a widespread international partnership network for facilitating the above goals.

Besides the Institute wishes to pay special attention to studying political, economical, social and cultural situation of the most important source, transit and destination countries, to legal and development aspects of migration policy in the EU Member States and beyond, and to examine immigration from security policy viewpoint. Operational structure of the Institute duly reflects these priorities.