Hungarians expect Brussels to set aside political debates

In recent weeks, the Hungarian Coronavirus Law has become a target by left wing liberal political forces is Brussels: the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, wrote to the Commission to examine the legislation in question, whilst the board's LIBE committee released a statement criticizing the law. Thus, Századvég Foundation examined the expectations of the Hungarian people towards politicians in Brussels regarding the emergency caused by Covid-19.

According to the research, 70 per cent of respondents expect the European Union to put political debates aside and instead help the Member States. In contrast, 23 per cent believe that the Coronavirus Law results in an unjustified governmental omnipotence, therefore, the debate on this should be resumed immediately.

Examining the issue along political self-classification, mismatches come to light. 85 per cent of right-wing respondents and 61 per cent of those in the political middle support the avoidance of political debate in the current distressed situation, and only 11 and 32 per cent, respectively, do not consider this to be justified. Interestingly, even among left-wing respondents, more (47 per cent) believe that due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, Brussels should focus on providing assistance instead of controversy, while 46 per cent expressed a different view.